BarTender UltraLite is the most basic of labelling software as it is designed to help new users get started as quickly as possible. It helps users design and print labels, tags and cards but lacks powerful features such as connecting to external data and it also cannot be controlled from within other software. Saying this, if your application requires you to print just simple text and barcodes then Ultralite would be more than sufficient and there would be no reason to upgrade. Here are the top 5 reasons AM Labels think you will need to upgrade from BarTender Ultralite: 1. The first reason you need to upgrade from UltraLite is the fact you can’t connect to databases! This is essential if you have a large product range or a large customer database and this feature is available in Professional and above. You can import from databases such as Microsoft Access, Excel spreadsheets, SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB, .txt files and SAP. This alone will save many hours of typing in data if you have a large product range/customer database. 2. As UltraLite only allows you to serialize by one every label this may become a nuisance. With Basic and above you can control how you want your labelserialized, whether it’s incrementing/decrementing each label by a certain number or serializing every other record so you have two copies of each serial number. 3. It’s ideal for large businesses to upgrade as you can have unlimited user licenses that can connect to a certain amount of printers. This means your whole office can design and print labels easily without having to ask one specified user to do all of the work! This is only available in versions Automation and Enterprise Automation. 4. With Basic and above you will have the ability to create data entry forms which can incorporate data from barcode scanning and keyboard inputs. These forms are easy to create and are ideal for a range of scenarios which includes data which consistently changes. 5. Secure your documents! With Professional and above it will allow you to lock your documents so they will be unable to open in Bartender. You can also lock your documents inside BarTender to allow a print-only mode which makes your design secure against users trying to alter the design and/or text. This is an ideal setting widely used in warehouse environments. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade from BarTender UltraLite today and expand your labelling capabilities with BarTender! If you have any questions regarding which BarTender version you need for your application then please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here to use our online form or phone our helpful sales team on 01536 414222.