Introducing the new Cab EOS series of mid-range label printers! Now available at cab have announced the new EOS series of mid-range label printers to their range and this excites AM Labels. We know that when cab release label printers that they are innovative, reliable and built-to –last. The EOS series comes with an inventive, spacious touch-screen which allows this to be a very user friendly machine and also caters for stand-alone label printing. It also has standard USB-A ports in the back of the machine so you will be able to plug your keyboard and a pc will not be necessary! With the high-technology electronics, the intelligent printhead and efficient power supply makes the EOS environmentally friendly as well as easy to use. The robustness comes from the housing made from high-class ABS synthetic and has a translucent cover which allows you to check how many labels and ribbon you have remaining until you need to changeover. Other noticeable features are that the EOS series comes with USB and Ethernet as standard so you will be able to replace existing systems with these standard ports. The only difference between the EOS1 and the EOS4 is that the EOS1 can take a 155mm outer diameter media roll whereas the EOS4 can take up to 8 inches (210mm - similar to that of industrial label printers). To enquire or purchase the cab EOS series then please follow the link here or phone our friendly sales team on 01536 414222. Or click here to view our range of mid-range printers.