AM Labels have compared three leading colour label printers; The VIP VP485, VP495 and the Primera LX900e. This will help you decide which is best for your company's application and environment. VP485 We begin with the VIP VP485 which is the successor to the very popular VP2020. It has been a force in the market since it’s arrival and we can understand why. The VP485 utilises advanced inkjet technology and in combination with up to 4800 x 1200 dpi, it makes for picture perfect labels at your disposal. The print speeds are not slow either – with up to 5 inches per second on 8.5” wide labels. Other perks of having the VP485 in your company is that the printouts have great water resistance, high scratch and smudge resistance and has low ownership costs. The VP485 is available at AM Labels Online Store and prices start from £2422.45. Although the VP485 is more expensive than the LX900e, this will prove more economical when printing higher quantities and longer runs.  Click to view the VIP VP485 product page or download the datasheet. Primera LX900e The Primera LX900e is very similar to the VP485 as it uses inkjet technology but is bettered in terms of print speeds as it can only do 4.5 inches per second. It also has a smaller print width of 8” but can maintain excellent print quality with 4800 dpi. The printouts on the LX900e are similar to that of the VP485 as they are waterproof, scratch and smudge resistant. The LX900e is smaller in terms of width with it’s 438mm compared to that of 495mm on the VP495. If you're looking to do short runs of labels or do not need to print a large quantity then AM Labels recommends the LX900e. Click to view the Primera LX900e product page or download the datasheet, press on the button below: VIP VP495 Now then, the VP495 is very different to the previous in terms of printing methods. The VP495 uses a pigment ink-based system. This is a new innovative 4-ink printing system that can deliver professional and high quality printouts that have great durability. When used with inkjet compatible media, it allows the labels to be both water and lightfast – making them suitable for outdoor label applications and in moist environments. It has a lower DPI than both the VP485 and the LX900e with 1200 dpi and can print of speeds up to 4 inches per second. Don’t let this fool you though, the advanced ink technology allows you to print high definition graphics at 1200 dpi which is the highest DPI for a pigment ink based solution of its class in the market today.  The VIP VP495 is available online at and can be yours for £2999. You can also analyse these colour printers in more depth using the 'Compare Products' tab on our website which will bring up the specification of each printer. The compare product button is on each individual product page.