With the launch of AM Labels new website, we decided to temporarily take down Label Focus but it's back! Revamped, more user-friendly and giving you the information you need within a few clicks! The layout has remained similar but we have removed unnecessary information or jargon that has previously confused. It's now easier to understand as well as easier to use. It's still divided into four sections with sub-sections stated so you gain a brief idea of what's inside. Printing Technologies The first of four sections is Printing Technologies. It covers the range of ways you can print labels which includes direct thermal printing, thermal-transfer printing, inkjet, laser and copier. Inside each sub section is a very simplified way to gain your information; split up into three areas; What it is, what it is used for and The Price / Maximum Volumes of labels per day. It also has links to the different types of products and labels related to each section to help further your understanding. Label Solutions The second section is Label Solutions. This sector covers the variety of industries and applications in which labels can be used for. For example, it covers Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics and shows how labels are applied and used within the industry. Label Materials The third section consists of the different types of Label Materials. As stated, this covers the different types of label materials and which are applicable to your printer. We cover direct-thermal printing labels, thermal-transfer labels, inkjet and laser labels and compare which one is best suited for your label printer. Adhesives The final section of Label Focus is Adhesives. We cover which types of adhesives are available with labels and which will be best suited for the applications you need. We cover Permanent, Removable, Freezer and High Tack and give detailed descriptions of what each is and how effective it can be for you.