Introducing the NEW compact Zebra Desktop Printers – The GC420 series! The new Zebra GC420 series has been designed on the success of the popular LP/TLP2844 desktop printers. The similarities are only visual as the Zebra GC420 is packed with performance; it includes a 32bit processor which gives you efficient label throughput. It also has larger memory storage then the LP/TLP’s for more graphic storage, longer label formats and faster processing! The reason Zebra have replicated the LP/TLP2844 design and functionality is because of its popularity. The LP/TLP2844 was one of the most successful and popular desktop printers and were renowned for their quality, durability and reliable performance. Don’t let the simple design fool you! The new Zebra GC420 series has shown how effective it is in low to medium volume printing and also comes at very competitive prices. You can get this product at AM Labels from £189.95 for the GC420d and £227.50 for the GC420t. To upgrade from the LP/TLP2844 then use our table below to find the new GC420 alternative:
LP/TLP2844 Part Numbers GC420 Alternative: GC420 Description
2844-20320-0001 GC420-200520-000 GC420d – Direct Thermal, 203dpi
2844-20321-0001 GC420-200521-000 GC420d – Direct Thermal, 203dpi, Dispenser
2844-10320-0001 GC420-100520-000 GC420t – Thermal Transfer, 203dpi
2844-10321-0001 GC420-100521-000 GC420t – Thermal Transfer, 203dpi, Dispenser
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