The latest version of Bartender is available at AM Labels! Seagull Scientific have released a new version to their industry leading software Bartender. The latest version is Bartender 10 and has a variety of new features that have never been seen before in label software. Seagull scientific have packed all of the features that has made Bartender so popular over the years. From easy to learn and easy to use wizards that really allow you to control every pixel, to advanced custom serialization and simplistic data-entry forms. They’ve managed to maintain all of the key characteristic features that made Bartender a market leader but have also added more. In version 10 Seagull Scientific have added a new features dedicated to Card printing and Encoding. This allows the user to have full control over the design, printing and encoding of ID cards, employee security badges, membership cards and any other plastic cards you can think of! They’ve also made their software more sophisticated and more user based by allowing high-end drawing functions which have previously only been viewed in Adobe Illustrator. Compared to previous versions it also has many new shapes such as diamonds, trapezoids, stars and more. They also feature more versatile shape options which include gradients, patterns, pictures and textures. New in Bartender 10.0 is encoding of data into RFID tags and labels are now available in Professional; whereas they used to only be available in the two Automation editions. Other new features include:
  • More flexible document formats
  • Easier Object Creation
  • Better Text Formatting
  • New print-time “Search and Replace” functions
  • Available automatic borders for barcodes, text and graphics
  • Export and print logs from History Explorer
  • Improved weighing scale options
  • Expanded printer function in the Print  SDK
  • Shell Extension now supports x64
  • Support for Print Quantity commands beyond four billion
To view and purchase the latest version of Bartender, press here.