Now available on AM Labels online store is the Citizen CMP Series mobile printers. The CMP series has been designed to be easy to use and durable in most conditions, with it able to take the occasional knock it is able to keep printing. This would also be due to the fact of it being robust and compact giving it the edge and would be an ideal mobile printing solution for all your needs. The Citizen CMP series mobile printers can printer up to 3 inches, thus giving the user the option for label size and being able to use their robust product for your needs. The CMP series mobile printers have been made to be compact with the technology which would be able to give the user the ease of printing; it also means that the printer isn’t as bulky so the user would be able to carry the unit around more freely. Due to the Citizen CMP’s rugged and durable casing it is able to withstand multiple drops of 1.5 meters and has an IP rating of 42, with the additional soft case the rating would be increased to 53 making the mobile printer even more durable for use. Click here for more information and to buy the Citizen CMP-20 or Citizen CMP-30. Click here to view our whole range of mobile printers. For any further enquiries about products email [email protected] or call 01536 414222 today and speak to one of our friendly sales assistants, who will be more than happy to help!