Now available on AM Labels online store is the Honeywell 4800P. The Honeywell 4800P is a compact barcode scanner which was built to be high in performance when it comes to barcode scanning, also the practicality of having digital image capture integrated into this small scanner. The 4800P is at its best when there is limited space for the common scanner so would be ideal when it comes to having more space for scanning including the scanning of documents, and along with being a 2D scanner it comes with everything you will need from a scanner. Using the omni-directional technology the Honeywell 4800P is able to capture information from most angles; there is no need to hold it in a certain position like the linear barcode scanners making it easier and quicker to gather information. The 4800P is a rugged scanner along with being compact; this scanner is able to withstand drops from 1.8M multiple times and was also built to last with its solid-state technology which they have introduced into this scanner to ensure reliability. For any further enquiries about products email [email protected] or call 01536 414222 today and speak to one of our friendly sales assistants, who will be more than happy to help!