Now available on AM Labels online store is the Motion J3500. The Motion J3500 Tablet PC is a powerful slate tablet computer with a rugged casing for practicality and the need for a robust device for harsh mobile work environments or even the simplest of retail environments.  The Motion J3500 has dual batteries allowing the tablet to carry on running whilst changing batteries, giving the user the ability to keep on working rather than stopping and restarting after the battery change. The Motion J3500 is capable of working with finger touch and also the stylus, giving the user the chance to take advantage of the navigation features which would include using the stylus for the smaller targets or for usual use depending on preference. The J3500 also comes with the View Anywhere technology and Gorilla Glass which also comes with the Hydis AFFS+ LED Backlight for superior outdoor display, the Gorilla Glass is a chemically enhanced glass which gives it the ability to resist and withstand damage. The Motion J3500 has also integrated an industry leading technology for security which allows the user to disable a Motion tablet if it is stolen, can initiate lockdown procedures if the tablet recognises a security threat. The J3500 also comes with an integrated biometric fingerprint reader for added security allowing peace of mind with private and confidential information on the tablet to be kept safe. Click here for more information and to buy the Motion J3500. For any further enquiries about products email [email protected] or call 01536 414222 today and speak to one of our friendly sales assistants, who will be more than happy to help!