New and available now online at AM Labels, is the cab e4 series label printer. This high performance label printer sits in the middle ground between desktop and mid-range printers and offers massive advantages within its durable and sleek design.  The cab e4 offers close to industrial level media capacity, with able to process label rolls of up to 152mm (6 inches) diameter, 108mm (4 inch) print width, core sizes of up to 76mm and standard ribbons up to 360m length, compare this to standard desktop printers and it becomes clear this is a printer in its own class. Not only a printer with a large capacity, the 200 and 300 dpi models come with USB, Parallel, serial and Ethernet interfaces. The cab e4 is also unique in that it comes with professional software straight out of the box, meaning you will not need any further investment if you need to be able to print from a database, the eLabel software does this as standard. This printer is truly in a class of its own and can be used for many applications, if you would like any further information on the cab e4 series or a demonstration please call our sales team on 01536 414 222 or email [email protected]