As its slogan ‘works as hard as you do’ suggests the Psion Teklogix Workabout pro 3 is a handheld computer that packs a serious punch. Usability / Flexibility Flexibility is key to the Workabout Pro 3. Getting it right when picking the right mobile computer for your business can be tough, if done right you can have productivity boosters for years to come, but if you don’t choose wisely you can have an expensive investment that you have to throw out or delay important innovation. This is where the Workabout Pro 3 comes into its own, it’s a new breed of handheld computers that gives businesses the freedom and choice of a wide range of add-ons and upgrades meaning that as business needs change so can the Workabout Pro 3. There is a wide range of these modular add-ons available for the Workabout Pro 3, from WiFi or GPRS; scanners, imagers and RFID options the Workabout Pro 3 is fast and easy to update and future proofs your investment. Durability The Psion Teklogix Workabout Pro 3 is built for the mobile worker for use across a range of industries, with a rugged design the Workabout can withstand drops of 1.8m onto concrete and has an IP65 Rating protecting the device against dust and sprays of water from all directions. Is this product for you? The Psion Workabout Pro 3 has a wide range of applications within many industries, such as:
  • Mobile field services
  • Logistics, warehousing
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
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