Here at AM Labels we are delighted to have introduced a range of Opticon Barcode Scanners to our online store. With excellent build quality and lightweight, comfortable to operate ergonomics these scanners are ideal for use in retail, logistic and industrial applications. The following scanners can now be found at the AM Labels online store:

Opticon OPI2201 CMOS auto-focus 2D imager

The Opticon OPI2201 is a lightweight imager designed for aggressive reading of 1D and 2D barcodes providing an accurate scan from, 5cm up to 1.45m, even barcodes at difficult to reach angles can be scanned. The OPI2201 has plug and play capability and is durable enough to survive drops of 1.8m onto concrete.

Opticon OPI4002 Cordless 2D Barcode Scanner

The Opticon OPI4002 cordless 2D barcode scanner has wireless connectivity (IEEE 802.15.4) of up to 30 meters. This simple to use scanner has plug and play ability and comes with a batch facility mode to minimise the risk of losing scanned data if the operator goes out of range. The OPI4002 also features targeting LEDS delivering quick decodes and ensuring that the code will be read every time.

Opticon OPR3001  1D Barcode Scanner

The Opticon OPR3001 is a rugged 1D barcode scanner ideal for use within industrial conditions. The OPR3001 has a robust design capable of withstanding drops of 2 meters onto concrete and IP54 sealing. Having been taylored for aggressive reading of poorly printed and slightly damaged barcodes the OPR3001 has a bright LED along with an adjustable tone to provide maximum feedback to the user whilst scanning, making it ideal for use within poorly lit, noisy industrial environments.

Opticon OPR3004 1D Barcode Scanner

The Opticon OPR3004 1D barcode scanner offers the same features as the OPR3001 but is optimised for long range barcode reading, being able to read barcodes from 60cm up to an impressive distance of 2.8 meters! The OPR3004 will make light work barcodes at hard to reach heights and angles.

Opticon OPR3101 Wireless 1D Barcode Scanner

The Opticon OPR3101 offers the same features and advantages as the OPR3001 but it has had wireless Bluetooth technology added to its capabilities. With a wireless range of 10m and also offering a failsafe method of storing the scanned data on-board to prevent data loss if the user goes out of range and maintain productivity. This device would be ideal for retail applications with indoor and outdoor zones and harsh conditions.

Opticon OPR3301 wireless 1D barcode scanner

The Opticon OPR3301 is designed for ergonomic all day scanning with its compact and lightweight form factor the OPR3301 device weighs in at just over 100 grams! Offering Bluetooth wireless connectivity of up to 10 meters and a fail-safe method of storing the scanned data on-board to prevent data loss the OPR3301 offers uninterrupted scanning for the most intensive of applications. For any further enquiries about products email [email protected] or call 01536 414222 today and speak to one of our friendly sales assistants, who will be more than happy to help!