Brand new to AM Labels Online Store, is the Intermec CS40 Handheld Mobile Computer. Perfect for professionals working out in the field the CS40 is a high performance handheld computer which Intermec have designed for individuals who need productivity and reliability beyond a smart phone. The Intermec CS40 sports a sleek and lightweight design whilst still being rugged enough to handle everyday usage. The sleek design also houses the CS40’s advanced feature set including 3.75G voice and data communications, 1D/2D scanning capability and the ability to connect the mobile workforce in real time to data back at base. Durability The Intermec CS40 is built with ruggedness integral to its design, capable of withstanding multiple drops of 1.2m onto concrete on all corners and all sides this combined with an IP54 rating protecting from rain, moisture and dust the CS40 is not just a small and sleek device it is also built to last. Features The CS40 is built around Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system and includes an integrated 2D imager which will scan 1D/2D barcodes consistently delivering speed and accuracy, utilizing the proven Intermec EA11 imager that provides a familiar “laser-like” aimer. Real Time Connectivity The Intermec CS40 has industry leading mobile phone technology at its core, with the latest 3.75G wireless WAN radio connectivity the CS40 will deliver the fastest data and voice communications available on UMTS networks. The CS40 also utilises high speed uplink packet access (HSUPA) Technology to provide quick and reliable data connectivity for uploading large documents, real-time images or synchronization with the data base back at base. Is this product for you? The Intermec CS40 has a wide range of applications within many sectors, such as: pre-sales, merchandising, field services, Logistics and Warehousing Retail For more information and to buy the Motorola MC65 visit TODAY! For any further enquiries about products email [email protected] or call 01536 414222 today and speak to one of our friendly sales assistants, who will be more than happy to help!