Brand new to our Online Store, AM Labels have introduced the Motorola Symbol CS3000 to its range of Data Collection Terminals. The Motorola Symbol CS3000 is built for businesses needing 1D laser scanning without the cost or size of a traditional scanning device, with its small, lightweight, easy to operate design and massive memory capacity, the CS3000 places itself right at the top of its class. Providing the memory capacity to capture over a million barcodes and the battery power to last well over a single shift (24 hours/Batch Mode) the CS3000 can handle even the largest of batch scanning operations with ease. Durability The Motorola Symbol CS3000 comes with an IP40 Rating, a 1.2 m drop specification and the ability to survive 500 0.5 m consecutive tumbles which combine to ensure dependable operation. Ease of Use/Ergonomics The CS3000 is designed to be as easy to operate as possible, with a 2-button interface making scanning simple, and virtually no training needed to operate. Need Real Time Connectivity? Then the Motorola Symbol CS3070 is the device you need, providing all the same features as the CS3000 but with added Bluetooth v2.1 connectivity, allowing real-time barcode data transmission to a host application. Is this product for you? The Motorola Symbol CS3000/CS3070 has a wide range of applications within many sectors, such as:
  • Supply Chain
  • Facilities Management
  • Field Sales
  • Retail
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