Barcoding on mobile phones is the latest industry buzz, allowing companies to provide their customers with electronic tickets, confirmations and the latest promotions via a barcode. Promotional offers - Ideal for pro-actively targeting existing customers with new discounts to get them back to your store or reactively allowing customers to request a discount barcode from your website by text rather than printing it out - not too shabby for the environment either! Mobile tickets - Cost effective method of giving your customers electronic tickets, ideal for events and transport. Order confirmations - order online, receive confirmation through a barcode, go in store and scan to pick up the order. If you think this could work for you - what do you do next? 1.  Decide what barcode you want to use. 2D barcodes - PDF417 and Aztec barcodes can store more information than a standard 1D barcode, e.g. name, address, ticket and offer details. Allowing you to track offers by customer or scan details in for tickets or order confirmations. 2.  Choose a barcode scanner. Hands-free and Handheld Scanning The Symbol DS9808 is the ideal scanner for checkouts with it's Omni-directional scanning allowing you to read barcodes from any direction. Inside, the DS9808 offers the very latest in scanning technology, delivering record swipe speeds for 1D and 2D barcodes, as well as the ability to capture images and signatures, it can read 1D or 2D barcodes from the screens of mobile phones. Click here to find out more about the DS9808 and buy online Handheld Scanning Only The Symbol DS6700 series scanner combines durability with omni directional scanning making it ideal for use in retail, light manufacturing, government and postal applications. Fast capture and transfer of images ensures increased productivity in digital document storage and processing. Click here to find out more about the DS6700 and buy online Call us on 01536 414222 to find out about scanning barcodes on phones.