Did you know that the TSC TTP-245C and TSC TTP-343C offer you Ethernet connectivity as standard? This is great if you want to seamlessly integrate your printer into your network. Ethernet means that multiple users in your network can print to the same printer without having to access your computer, making it quicker and easier to print multiple labels from different sources. Not only do you save time by eliminating setting up shared printers but you also have the advantage that the printer will always be ready to print on. With prices starting from £265.95 for the 200 dpi TSC TTP-245C and £336.15 for the 300 dpi TSC TTP-343C, these printers are an affordable networked solution, especially when compared to other desktop printers. This hi spec printer really is a must buy. RS232, Parallel, USB and Ethernet are standard interfaces on this printer making it compatible with most computers. With a 6" per second print speed on the 200 dpi TSC TTP-245C, it's quicker than the average desktop printer and a larger ribbon capacity enables you to print for longer between ribbon changes. If this was not enough, TSC give you flexibility on the shape of your labels thanks to its adjustable media sensor. TSC printers are a no brainer. You get a printer packed with tons of clever features, all at fantastic prices and the best part is, TSC printers are available to buy today from AM Labels. Click here for more information about the TSC TTP-245C or click here for more information about the TSC TTP-343C. Alternatively, you can call 01536 414222 and speak to one of our friendly sales staff or e-mail [email protected].