You may have visited an Apple store, shopping for an Ipod Touch and found when you purchased your product, you saw the Windows Logo on their point of sale (POS) system. Now for a company whose core product line uses a MAC operating system and claims that it's simply the best, it is strange to see them using a Windows CE based POS system. It now looks as if this has changed with the introduction of the EasyPay Touch POS system. This MAC operating POS system consists of:
  • Ipod Touch which is custom built for POS usage
  • Magnetic stripe reader
  • Advanced barcode reader
  • Apple's software for processing payments
The EasyPay Touch POS system enables you to take payment via credit card, debit card and cash. The system also contains a feature which enables you to deal with returns. There are some limitations to what the EasyPay Touch enables you to do. There is no feature to allow your customer to pay by cheque and if a customer wants to split their payment via two or more credit cards, you would have to use a more traditional, computer based POS system. At the moment, the EasyPay touch POS system is exclusively used by Apple in some of their Apple stores, however there are rumours that Apple may be considering to licence other retailers to use the EasyPay Touch POS system. Until that day occurs AM Labels will continue to offer a fully integrated Windows based Epos system available to buy online.