Good news with the updates in Mac OS 10.5.2, there is now direct driver support for Zebra label printers. The following instructions explain how to add your Zebra printer. Adding your printer driver 1. Go to the Print Setup and select the relevant driver, there are two types of driver for Zebra printers - EPL and ZPL based 2. If you are using a standard desktop printer you will need the EPL2 driver, if you are using a Z model or an industrial printer you will need the ZPL driver. EPL Compatible Printers
  • LP2844, TLP2844
  • GK420, GX420
  • Some variants of S4M
  • Eltron Orion
  • LP2742, TLP2742
ZPL Compatible Printers
  • LP2844Z, TLP2844Z
  • GK420, GX420
  • Some variants of S4M
  • Z4M, Z6M
  • ZM400, ZM600
  • XiIII, Xi4 Series
3. After you have selected the printer driver, click Add to install. 4. You can now print using your Zebra printer from any Mac based software.