ITF14 barcodes are widely used to identify goods and products as they are received by stores, supermarkets and larger shops. The distinctive ITF14 barcode is printed on the outer container or carton and reflects the information contained in the EAN 13 barcode on the products within. The EAN 13 barcode is scanned at the checkout. The first digit of an ITF14 barcode is the logistic variant. This is also known as the packaging variant. The next twelve digits are usually taken from the EAN 13 barcode, representing the company and product numbers and the last digit is the check digit which is automatically calculated by the barcode software. ITF14 barcodes can usually be recognised by thick black lines at the top and bottom of the barcode and sometimes at the side to form a box. These lines are called bearer bars and are used to ensure that the barcode is printed correctly. They are not however essential to scanning the barcode. Creating ITF14 Barcodes with Software ITF14 barcodes can be generated through barcode label software which will also allow you to produce a design for your labels. Barcode software is typically available in basic, professional and networked versions; limited software is often supplied with the printer which will allow basic designs to be created. If you are creating your ITF14 barcodes from a database then you will need professional barcode software. For more information on printing or creating ITF14 barcodes please e-mail [email protected] or call us on 01536 414222.