Datalogic have just announced their new base stand which can detect counterfeit currency. Datalogic claim the base stand which attaches to the Gryphon GM 4100 scanner can detect counterfeit money and detect key identifiers on any currency or document. The Gryphon GM 4100 counterfeit base stand contains an ultra violet (UV) counterfeit detector, which means you can use it to detect counterfeit currencies. It can also be used for passport verification, travel ticket verification and much more. You get all of this alongside its original concept which is scanning barcodes and it detects whether your money is genuine or fake by looking out for key identifiers which are only visible under a UV light. The Gryphon GM 4100 counterfeit base stand and scanner could very well be an ideal solution for retail as it can integrate very easily into your operation. This scanner takes up less counter space and it allows you to quickly and effortlessly check whether money or any other documents are counterfeit. AM Labels is proud to offer the Datalogic Gryphon GM 4100 scanner and counterfeit base stand as part of its barcode scanner range with prices starting at only £206.75. Please click here for more information about this product.