TSC have announced the availability of their TDP 225 desktop printer and 225w wristband printer. These two inch direct thermal printers fit a wide range of applications including barcode printing and the ability to print wristbands on the TDP225w. One of the features that makes this low cost desktop printer unique is that it offers an optional LCD display screen, making it easier to view the status of your job. The TSC TDP 225 desktop printer has many other clever features packed into it such as the capability to continue printing, even if your computer network is down by calling up a stored printing programme within the printer, enabling you to enter the information via an external keyboard. The TSC TDP 225 and 225w can also be integrated very easily into your network, making it ideal for many applications. TSC may have packed many clever features into its printers but it does not mean the design has been compromised. In fact the TDP 225 has been designed for easy storage with its clever clam shell design, enabling it to fit where other printers cannot. The best thing about the TSC TDP 225 and 225w is just how cost effective they can be. The features in these printers are usually found in more expensive desktop printers and they are available for you to purchase right now. AM Labels is proud to present the TSC TDP 225 and 225w thermal desktop printers with prices starting at only £155.25. These could very well be some of the most advanced low cost desktop printers on the market. If you would like more information about the TSC TDP 225 direct thermal desktop printer, please click here. Alternatively, if you would like more information about the TSC TDP 225w wristband printer, please click here.