So, you have decided to sell on Amazon and need to barcode your products in order to meet barcode requirements, what do you need to do? What are the requirements? "It is requirement for all products that are ordered for to have a scannable barcode label on the outside of the product. On items which do not have a title on the product itself (such as over-boxed items) a brief product description must be included on the barcode label." Source: Amazon Step 1: You need to check you have the right barcode that you need to apply to the product; for the UK it should be an EAN barcode. An EAN (European Article Number) barcode is the standard barcode for retailers, made up of  8 or 13 numbers, usually with a check digit at the end. The number is made of the product, manufacturer, and its attributes and can be found on the product. If you are manufacturing the product yourself you will need to obtain this code from GS1 UK - Corresponding numeric characters must also be included in the barcode area (typically printed under the barcode itself).
  • Minimum barcode height: 1cm
  • Minimum resolution (width of the narrowest bar): 5mm (0.005in)
Step 2: You will need to print the barcodes onto labels, there are two main choices. You can either print your own labels (Laser, Inkjet or Thermal) or order pre-printed labels. Option 1: Print your own labels A4 Laser or Inkjet Labels - This is the cheapest option if you have an existing printer and don't need to print large amounts of labels. Packs start from 500 sheets and range from 1 - 65 per page to suit your products, they are available in a range of colours and materials. Thermal Labels - This is the most cost effective method if you are labelling larger quantities or if you want a dedicated label printer. Printers start at £195 and labels are available from stock in a range of sizes starting from £38.00 for 20,000 labels. For printing up to 1,000 labels per day, the Zebra GK420d and direct thermal labels are recommended where the items have a short shelf life. If you have a long shelf life, the Zebra GK420t and semi gloss paper labels and ribbons are a good choice. Option 2: Order pre-printed labels A company such as AM Labels can supply you with printed labels - click here to find out more. The labels can be printed 1 - 7 colours with all the information you require, e.g. barcode, text, price and logo. Step 3: (Print your own) Connect your printer to your computer and follow the installation instructions, load the printer with labels. You are now ready to design and print your barcode labels. Use Amazon's system to label items within the shipping workflow Alternatively download or buy label software such as Zebra Designer (Zebra printers only) or Label Direct. Once installed simply click the icons to add text and a barcode and enter your data, then send the design to print with the quantity you require and apply your labels to your products. If you require any further information on barcoding products please leave a comment or contact us here on 01536 414222 or [email protected]