Opticon have a range of wired and wireless memory scanners available to scan and store barcodes on the move until you are ready to download the information to a computer. Small and lightweight, the memory scanners can store up to 15,000 barcodes making them suitable for the most scan intensive applications. Ideal for schools and colleges automating taking of the register with barcoded ID cards, exhibitions scanning in visitors at the doors and at seminars and many more applications where you need to store barcodes away from a computer. Easy and simple to use, just press the scan button to scan a barcode and when you are ready download the barcodes via a USB cable (OPN2001) or by Bluetooth (OPN2002). Key Benefits:
  • Laser scan engine with a built-in decoder.
  • Compact and Lightweight.
  • Enhanced water resistant and dust-proof features to satisfy IP-42 requirements.
  • Connects to personal computer through dedicated USB Cable (OPN2001) or via Bluetooth (OPN2002).
  • Uses lithium-ion batteries to reduce the size of a chassis, weighing in at only 28 grams.
  • Device is small to enable users to wear it around their necks.
  • Trigger key operation - no special training needed to introduce the product.
  • Batteries can be charged using the USB cable.

Prices start online from only £120.69