AM Labels has added yet another feather to its cap of fantastic, innovative products, with the addition of Visibadge Visitor Management Software to its range! Visibadge allows for effective logging and control of visitors and contractors and is vital to the safety and smooth running of any company. With systems to suit specification and budget, the Visibadge software enables organisations of every size to step up security and transform their reception areas with computerised visitor control. By using the Visibadge software, it will allow your visitor passes to look every bit the same as your corporate style and branding. The software will allow you to clearly display visitor information such as the visitors name and company and the individual responsible for hosting them, all in a clear legible format. Apart from Visbadge lite, there is also a barcoding facility included in the software to allow for easy logging in and out to record the time of their visit. One of the great features of the software is that gaining reports on your visitors is obtained quickly and efficiently. Whether you need to know who is on your site at any given time or to who has visited whom in the past, the reporting facility within the software will give you a fast answer, this can be particularly handy in the case of emergencies such as fire when an evacuation is required.  Gone are the days that you have to flick through paperwork, it can be available to you at the click of a mouse and at your fingertips. AM Labels offers four separate bundle packages online.
  • Visibadge Lite
  • Visibadge Pro
  • Visibadge Pro Ex
  • Visibadge XFR
Buy online from the following options or call the sales team on 01536 414222 for further help and advice with your software requirements.