Colour Thermal LabelsSo you want the simplicity of thermal printing but need to add a twist of colour to highlight important information? Or you need to apply different promotional messages depending on what is listed in your database without the hassle of constantly changing labels? Well, Zebra have come up with an innovative label called the IQ colour label. It works using existing thermal technology, where the label is heated up to create the print. The difference is that the labels are coated with an invisible heat-activated ink, in the areas and colours (choice of up to four out of eight) that you specify. The ink will allow you to print colour shapes, reverse images, graphics and text onto the thermal label. So you're thinking great, these labels will solve my problems but I don't want to buy new printers to print them. Well, great news these labels will work with your existing Zebra printers! The official breakdown from Zebra: "With Zebra's IQ Colour direct thermal ink technology, users can print colour labels on demand. To create an IQ Colour label, users can simply choose up to four colours from the eight colours offered including the size and shape. During the label manufacturing process, invisible colour inks are applied in up to four designated zones customized to the end-user's needs and label format. To the naked eye, it appears there is no colour on the label. The Zebra printer's printhead then heat-activates the ink to make select colours visible based on the format sent to the printer. This allows for each individual label to be customized with colour images, text, shapes, graphics and more at the point of printing. "Zebra's IQ Colour technology illustrates our dedication to providing our customers with innovative products that streamline their operations, and reduce errors and costs," said Christine Weber, Product Marketing Manager for Zebra Technologies. "Eliminating the need for pre-printed colour labels increases productivity, as it eliminates roll changes and there is less inventory to manage." Enhancing Zebra's robust product line, the IQ Colour technology will be available on existing Zebra thermal printers and will benefit a variety of industries such as:
  • Healthcare: IQ Colour can be integrated in the Lab and pharmacy for the identification and prioritization of orders.
  • Transportation and Logistics: To reduce shipping and stocking errors during sortation by highlighting special order instructions. IQ Colour also allows for real-time inventory management to insure FIFO and easily identify any misplaced items.
  • Manufacturing: Critical for product identification in the inspection and assembly phase, IQ Colour can reduce the cost of using additional labels for sortation and quality control.
  • Retail: Integrated into shelf labelling, IQ Colour allows for easy identification of product attributes. "
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