The default setting for an EPL printer is page mode, why would I want to use page mode? Page mode uses EPL2 commands, you will require page mode if you want to print your labels through a Windows driver, or Windows software such as Zebra Designer. If the printer is in Line Mode you can only send EPL1 commands to it - not EPL2 commands. Related Printers: LP/TLP2722, LP2824, LP2844 and LP2443, LP2844, TLP2844, LP2824, TLP2824, TLP3844, TLP3842 How do I set my printer to be in page mode? This is a fairly simple process, just perform these steps:
  1. At the back of the printer switch the power off
  2. Press down the feed button and switch the power on
  3. Release the feed button when it flashes Red
  4. When the feed button flashes Green, press down the feed button and release it when it turns Amber
  5. The printer is now in page mode.
How do I check what mode the printer is in? Simply print a configuration label and near the top of the configuration printout it will show Line Mode or Page Mode:
  1. Turn printer power off.
  2. Press and hold the feed key, then turn power back on.
  3. After light flashes a couple times release your finger from the feed key.
  4. Wait for the calibration sequence to end and for the configuration label to print.
  5. Press the feed key once.