In the midst of an adverse market there is still a player in the mix looking to improve their environmental edge. Avery Dennison has initiated the inventive idea to recycle the liner that is used on their labels. “Avery Dennison is piloting a European service to recycle PET release liner from end-users to help reduce waste in the self-adhesive label supply chain. PET represented 80% of European demand for film release liner, Avery said. The new scheme builds on existing partnerships with label converters and is being initially rolled out across the Benelux, France, Germany and the UK. Avery will collect all PET liner from the customers of label converters at no cost providing some of its Fasson liner is used and firms separate and bag the PET liner. Eelko Leeuwenburg, services marketing manager for Avery Dennison Roll Materials Europe, said the service would benefit label users in terms of cost and time savings in waste management and the environment. "All our converter partners and their end-user participants will receive an instruction manual [on the scheme]. One simple action will solve their whole PET liner recycling," he said. The collected liner will be reprocessed and sold as a raw material on the open market. Possible uses would be turning it into fleeces, bags, street furniture, disposable cups and coat hangers. The scheme is being trialled to the end of the year and is expected to be launched in more countries in January.” Source: Packaging News