What does it mean if I am getting blank lines down the print of my label?

The main reason for getting a blank line or lines appearing down the print of your label is that you have a pixel down on your print head. The main resolution for this is to replace the print head on your printer. Replacement print heads can be purchased here.

It is always worth cleaning your print head first with cleaning cards or Isopropyl Alcohol and cleaning swabs to ensure that it’s not just dirt interfering with the print. The print head should be cleaned after every 3-5 rolls of media (or more often, if required) to achieve consistently good print quality. Cleaning the print head regularly will also extend the life of the print head.

Print head cleaning procedure:

  1. Open the printer, and then if your printer has a print head lever, move this to the open position.
  2. Remove the media and ribbon (if present).
  3. Use a cleaning swab to clean the print elements that are located in the thin grey line on the print head.
  4. Rotate the platen roller and clean with a cleaning swab.
  5. Brush or vacuum any dust or dirt away from the rollers, and the media and ribbon sensors.
  6. Reload the media and ribbon (where needed).
  7. Where applicable lock the print head into place, close the printer, restore power (if necessary) and print a label to check print quality.

If you still have vertical blank lines appearing on the label, then you will need to purchase a new print head to resolve the problem.

Please call 01536 414222 to find out whether your print head is user or engineer replaceable.