AM Labels were set a challenge by one its customers, find a material for inclusion in a warehouse environment… easy! But it needs to glow in the dark!

Never one to shy away from a challenge, we went that extra mile for our customer and found the material!! The material, which is BM Phosphorescent Vinyl is a fluorescent material that is ideal for use in warehouses. It is also tougher than most ordinary paper or synthetic labels. The material can be overprinted using a thermal transfer printer using a resin ribbon.

So why do I need fluorescent labels to go on my racking?

Imagine the scenario; you have a huge warehouse with forklift trucks. Your forklift driver goes down one of the aisles and as the driver goes further the light starts to fade in the shadow of the other racks. With the BM Phosphorescent Vinyl material, the labels will glow in the dark allowing the driver to continue to see the information on the rack.

Another reason for using these labels is in a warehouse of any size, if there is a power cut or if the lights fail, the labels will still be visible, therefore reducing warehouse down time. For more information or to request samples, contact our sales department on 01536 414222 or [email protected]