AM Labels have introduced a revolutionary self adhesive label to their online range of thermal transfer labels For quite a long time, customers were asking why standard permanent adhesive labels wouldn’t stick to their tyres. Well look no further, we have the answer! The reason for why standard permanent adhesive doesn’t stick to tyres is due to the silicon present on the tyre when it comes out of the mould. So which material will work? The material, known as Fast Tyre label material, uses a special hi tack adhesive with a layer of foil between the adhesive and label material that allows the material to stick to rubber based surfaces such as car tyres, motorbike tyres, and bicycle tyres. The material can be pre-printed or tinted and can be overprinted using a thermal transfer printer and resin enhanced wax or wax resin thermal ribbon. To enquire about tyre labels, request samples or for a competitive quote, call our sales office on 01536 414222 or e-mail [email protected]