First of all, what is a van sales system? A van sales system is a system that allows you to track sales and deliveries on the road. The complete solution includes a PDA, mobile printer and van sales software that takes control of your customer’s accounts, products, discounts, deliveries and invoicing in one package.

Why manage your deliveries with a field sales system?

Some of the key benefits of this intuitive software include the reduction of manual paperwork and administration costs and payment tracking for money collected by drivers. Other benefits include:

Reduce transnational errors

Using a van sales system with a PDA will reduce transactional errors. The PDA allows the selection of items from a drop down menu rather than having to write sales manually cutting out mistakes made from handwriting deliveries or lost delivery notes. The system will then allow for a delivery note to be signed and printed with the sales transactions and presented to the customer.

Reduce manual paperwork and administration costs

A van sales system will also help to reduce manual paperwork and administration costs; the system does this by tracking everything electronically. When sales on the road are tracked manually this can lead to time consuming administrative tasks being carried out last thing on a Friday or at the weekend. The way that a van sales system works means that by the simple click of a button you can run out all of your reports in seconds.

Reduce waste and returns

One of the other key benefits of using the van sales system is that it will reduce waste and returns. This is done by the use of week by week sales reports that show exactly which customers have taken what products. This then allows you to see the demand for each product which means you can use the software for production planning.