Zebra discontinued Bar One Software in 2005 but for the thousands of existing users it creates a problem. The typical reasons for upgrading Bar One software to a newer version include:
  • I have Bar One, I know it's discontinued; I need to know that my label software will be supported.
  • I have purchased a new printer and Bar One does not work with it.
  • My computer died, I have got a new computer and need a new version of Bar One.
  • I have upgraded to Vista and Bar One is not compatible.
There is an easy way to upgrade Zebra Bar One software that will enable you to keep using your existing label formats. Bar One Versions 6.01, 6.04, and 6.05 were based on an original version of Teklynx Codesoft so it is as simple as purchasing the latest version of Codesoft software. Upgrade Benefits
  • Labels do not require conversion - all label files designed in Bar One V6 can be opened in Codesoft 8.
  • Codesoft 8 offers many additional features including Unicode, Job Modifier, and Bi-directional Communications for RFID label printing and support for the latest Zebra printers and all other thermal printers.
  • Microsoft Vista and Server 2008 operating systems are supported.
  • Teklynx Codesoft offers a label design and integration software upgrade path for Bar One V6 Desktop, ProPlus, and Platinum users.
To enquire about upgrading from Bar One to Codesoft, call our sales office on 01536 414222.