There has been plenty of talk about voice technology in the logistics and manufacturing sectors. Voice recognition is not new – receiving instructions and relaying information through a headset has been around for over a decade. Initial problems have been eradicated and voice technology is regarded as a mature technology.

Companies increasingly appreciated the benefits of voice recognition systems in many environments including order picking, goods replenishment and despatch. The benefits of voice technology are:
  • Staff operate hands free
  • Improved accuracy
  • Staff training is achieved in a matter of hours
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in paper work – no requirement for printed pick/put away lists
  • Access to real time data
  • Traceability of process and goods
  • Greater transparency of every part of the business
  • Improved customer service
The move towards voice applications is one of the most significant events in the warehouse and logistics industry and is set to go from strength to strength. Tony Mariani, Managing Director of AM Labels comments: “These hands free systems are very affordable and can produce a return on investment in as little as ten months. The benefit of voice systems are that they can either be implemented from the start of a project or can be added at a later date by linking to an existing warehouse system. It is also possible that existing handheld computers can be upgraded to work with voice technology.” Psion has developed a handheld computer with voice applications and integrated speech module, the WORKABOUT PRO Speech. This is the first of its kind in voice recognition devices. This intelligent computer enables users to order, select and put away items by voice, then scan a bar code, or read with an RFID transponder. The WORKABOUT PRO offers a new level of flexibility and freedom, to conduct a variety of tasks with one device, in the data collection environment. The Psion WORKABOUT PRO and accessories are available from AM Labels Limited. For more information and technical advice on how this powerful technology can benefit your company, call our sales and technical teams on 01536 414222.