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Onsite Standard Plus Installation: 2 hours, Up to 4 Users

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AM Labels
Onsite Standard Plus Installation: 2 hours, Up to 4 Users
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Efficient installation of new printers and software often requires specialist knowledge to make sure that the product is installed properly and provides the best performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Printer/Software installed by a fully qualified engineer
  • Product demonstration
  • Network installation available over single or multiple sites
  • Increase efficiency of work, better understanding of printers and software enables quicker and more effective use

AM Labels offer a simple range of installation options that are customisable to your requirements:

  • Standard Installation - 1 hour Service

An engineer will set-up the printer, connecting the printer to a local PC. The engineer will then demonstrate how to load media and carry out user maintenance. Or: An Engineer will install the software, ensuring communication with a local printer.

  • Standard Plus Installation - 2 hours Service


As “Standard Installation” course incorporating communicating with a network, setting up IP and ensuring communication with network.

  • System Install - 3 hours Service


As “Standard Installation” course combining installation of both software onto a local PC and installation of the printer. The engineer will demonstrate software design programme (1 label design) and printer use and user maintenance.

  • System Plus Install - 4 hours Service


As “System Install” Course but network software version and/or a network printer Standard Install.

Buy online from the following options or call the sales team on 01536 414222 for further help and advice with your installation requirements.

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