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Select-A-Label Touch Screen Label Printing - Includes Posiflex KS7215 Touchscreen Terminal and Honeywell PC43 label printer

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Select-A-Label Touch Screen Label Printing - Includes Posiflex KS7215 Touchscreen Terminal and Honeywell PC43 label printer

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Select-A-Label is an intuitive, user-friendly solution designed to make printing labels easier for a range of packaging environments. Utilising the latest in labelling and terminal technology, the solution combines a high-performance Posiflex XT series touch screen terminal with a compact cab EOS1. Simply tap on the products on the terminal and the labels are printed, tailored to your design.

Designed for business flexibility, Select-A-Label uses your existing product database and is easy to upload to the pre-installed software. With a selection of user friendly features, including a colour patterned selection process, a search function with on-screen keyboard or by simply scrolling through products, selecting the labels you require could not be simpler. With images available, the touchscreen solution has been tailored for warehouse environments where English is not a first language and gives all employees the ability to print labels. Aimed at increasing business efficiency, the solution has proved to reduce label waste with its distinctive product selection process, and ensures that minimal training will be required to use the system.

Database management could not be easier and can be controlled either locally or remotely. The terminal, which can be Wi-Fi enabled, can request a new database from a central location, allowing administrators to control data on the terminal for various sites from one location. Local updates are possible with the use of a flash drive; just simply plug in and upload.

Comprehensive reporting is available, with usage figures based on the amount of labels printed helps you drill down on stock and also reduces label wastage. With the extensive reporting, decisions can be made, such as product stock levels and label purchasing in advance to save time.

The high performance XT Series terminal comes with a high resolution, 15” TFT LCD display, which allows employees to navigate and select products to print. The XT series also comes backed with an Intel 1.8GHz processor and 4 GB of RAM, ensuring that speed will never be an issue when operating.

Available in both 203 and 300dpi, the compact EOS1 prints sharp text and crisp barcodes and is ideal for printing product labels. With printing speeds up to 5 inches per second, the cab EOS1 is capable of delivering short and long printing runs and is ideal for on-demand labelling requirements. The EOS1 has been built to reduce labelling downtime and comes with an intuitive LCD display, allowing quick troubleshooting and minimising printing downtime.

Key Features of Select-A-Label

  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Uses your product database, maximising uptime immediately.
  • A variety of ways to select products based on user preference.
  • Can be entirely tailored to your labelling needs.
  • Databases can be uploaded via a Wi-Fi connection or USB flash drive.
  • One hand media loading on the printer ensures trouble-free use.
  • Fast throughput at 125mm per second – ideal for just-in-time product labelling requirements.

Rugged Terminal & Compact Printer

  • Powerful Posiflex terminal is packed with a 1.8GHz processor and 4GB RAM.
  • Clear 15” TFT LCD Display with bezel free touch screen.
  • Stylistic and modern looking terminal.
  • cab EOS1 prints at speeds up to 5 inches per second and delivers labels with crisp text and barcodes.
  • Comes with an intuitive LCD display for quick troubleshooting.
  • Easy media loading features ensures media switchovers are fast.

Enquire today for project pricing, more information or simply to discuss this solution further with a member of our friendly sales team. Phone 01536 414 222 or alternatively email us at

More Information
Supported Printers cab
Interfaces USB
Touchscreen Yes - Posiflex XT Series 15 inch TFT LCD - 1024 x 768 maximum resolution.
Warranty 1 Year

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