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Labelmate S-200 Heavy Duty Label Slitter, Max label width 255mm (10")

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Labelmate S-200 Heavy Duty Label Slitter, Max label width 255mm
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The Labelmate S-100 and S-200 are high speed, heavy-duty label slitters requiring no power themselves. The S-100 and S-200 are identical in construction except for size, with a maximum label width of 6.7" on the S-100 and a maximum label width of 10" on the S-200.

As a result the S-100 only has 2 blade holders, whereas the S-200 has 3 blade holders, but can be changed to accommodate up to 5 blades. Designed to be used in combination with a Cat 2 rewinder, that effectively pulls the labels through the slitter.

This dramatically increases the life and efficiency of your print heads and ribbons, when slitting directly from a label printer (in-line). The S-100/S-200 is designed to be used in in-line or off-line states, so can either be between a printer and a Cat 2 rewinder or between two separate Cat 2''s increasing speed to 30ips (760mm/sec), as its not limited by the print speed of the printer. As a rewinder is required to use a S-100/S-200, it is recommended that a Cat 2 CHUCK is used with the S-100 and a Cat 2 W9 is used with the S-200.

Key Benefits:

  • Requires no power
  • 2 or 3 blade options
  • Slitting speeds of up to 30ips (760mm/sec)
  • Works effectively with any Cat2 rewinder
  • Improves the efficiency and life of print heads and ribbons

Warranty Information
The S-100/S-200 slitter has a 3-year parts and labour limited warranty and a one-year limited warranty on included power supply module, standard repairs fixed within 10 – 21 days.

Buy online from the following options or call the sales team on 01536 414222 for further help and advice with your label slitting requirements.

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