New to AM Labels (AML) online store is the VIPColor VP495 Colour Label Printer! Efficiency The new VIPColor VP495 is able to print out ultra-resistant colour labels at the highest-in-class print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch, at a rapid speed of 4 inches per second. In fact, it prints faster and cheaper than any other inkjet printer in the market today. Designed for the shorter to medium length runs the VP495 is capable of printing up to 10,000 labels per day. Upgrade with Ink Pigment The VIPColor VP495 has a significant advantage over the previous VP485 model. As well as all the advantages from the said model, the VP495 has added label durability due to the pigment ink cartridges. The new revolutionary technology behind the new style cartridges is called ‘VIPColor Durable Ink Printing’. It utilises a 4-ink pigment-based ink printing system capable of delivering durable printouts that are both waterproof and lightfast. The new pigment allows for labels to be more suited towards outdoor applications or applications that are perhaps subject to prolonged moisture or UV sunlight exposure. Key Features
  • Individual ink tanks for great flexibility and low consumable cost.
  • Highly scratch and smudge resistant labels.
  • Easy and flexible to operate.
  • Intuitive LCD display.
  • Label design software included.
  • Crisp texts and high resolution graphics that gives aesthetically pleasing labels that look fantastic on product packaging.
Contact us To enquire about the VIPColor VP495 Colour Label Printer or any other features that come installed with it, please click on the link below or call our friendly sales team on 01536 414222. For more information on the VIPColor VP495 please click here