Datamax-O’Neil RL3

Now available on AM Labels online store is the Datamax-O’Neil RL3 3 inch portable printer. Based on its compact and rugged appearance, the RL3 is a 3 inch wide direct thermal printer with the aim of being the most reliable and efficient in its category. In testing, it continues to work perfectly even after 26 consecutive 1.8 metres! It’s also extremely lightweight, weighing 880 grams – and with belt clips and shoulder strap accessories, you’ll barely notice that you’re holding it! The RL3 is also very easy to connect – with options varying from USB and Serial to wireless variants such as 802.11 and Bluetooth; allowing you to connect simply & easily. Datamax-O’Neil have made integration simple using their language emulations; making the RL3 compatible with the most popular of warehouse management software programs, independent label design programs and remote management packages. The warranty Datamax-O’Neil are offering is twice that of the competition – 2 years! This is how confident they are that the RL3 will be rugged and reliable, straight from when you purchase it. If you have any queries regarding the Datamax-O’Neil RL3, please do not hesitate to contact our sales and support team here or phone us on 01536 414222.