Why would I want to spend my hard earned cash on a van sales system? Well, if I said that you could earn that investment back within as little as six months, get your weekends back and increase your profit margins? Have I got your attention now? Good, let me tell you more. Do you want to?
  • Increase the number of customer calls.
  • Greatly reduce your administration costs.
  • Predict demand; optimise stock levels and reduce returns.
  • Manage the collection of payments (eliminating possible fraud).
  • Obtain greater visibility and control of all aspects of your business.
Then a van sales system could transform your business, Click here or call us on 01536 414222 to find out more. But don't just believe us, listen to our customers; "Adding a van sales system has improved my company's efficiency. We no longer have to write delivery notes and invoices by hand, cutting my administration ten-fold and allowing my drivers to make more calls. Thanks to AM Labels I have full visibility of my business and profit margins." Laurence Varga, Galvey. Worried about how much it will cost? You could be pleasantly surprised. A financing package will cost less than buying the system outright. Call us for a personal quote and to find out more. A van sales system will also benefit a number of key people in your business including:

The most important person in your business - the customer:

It definitely adds value for your customer. Have you actually thought about how your van drivers feel having to ask customers to sign a scruffy bit of paper on a clipboard, never mind the impression it gives customers. Imagine the excitement of a printed receipt!! This also means a lot for you - proof of goods received and returned, and payments made means customers are only invoiced for the products they receive - sounds like less complaints to me.

Sales Manager:

Imagine having complete control of your key accounts, with the ability to set up individual customer discount structures at your fingertips. A van sales system means anything is possible! Invoicing, not a bother, already completed when your drivers deliver your products.

Delivery Driver:

Helping you deliver a truly professional service to your customers with less paperwork. Fed up of throwing everything in the van and then rooting through piles of paperwork to find that one document you need? Worry no more, with a van sales system simply touch the screen and deliver the products to your customer. Need to know what stocks are on the van? Not a problem, a simple tap of the finger and the list appears. How efficient are you now?

Production Manager:

Need to know what to produce for the week ahead. Not an issue, with an accurate account of products sold to customers you can match your production to demand, allowing you to reduce the number of out of date products coming back in through the door. Click here or call us on 01536 414222 to find out how a van sales system could transform your business.