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NiceLabel 2019 - Designer Pro

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NiceLabel 2019 - Designer Pro
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NiceLabel 2019 is a label software solution designed from the ground up to help SME and large enterprises reduce the headaches and complexity frequently associated with label design and printing, all whilst meeting compliance requirements and increasing organisational productivity, quality and agility.

NiceLabel 2019 has been designed to be a highly user-friendly and cost-effective label printing solution. Utilising a modular design, familiar Office 2016 user interface, solutions are easily configurable and highly scalable delivering an excellent ROI over its lifetime.

Nicelabels next generation of printing solutions focus on simplicity and ease of use. NiceLabel is a first in the label software industry to provide a user interface built on the same philosophical design principles as Microsoft Word, allowing anyone to quickly and easily produce professional class labels without the necessary design, barcoding or technical knowledge.

The program comes as standard with countless pre-built templates allowing you to effortlessly produce industry standard labels such as GS1, ODETTE and AIAG which can be quickly modified in order to cater to your requirements. What’s more, all editions come with spreadsheet and database connectivity, allowing you to easily update label information, saving time and money.

Designer Pro Reimagined

Designer Pro 2019 allows even people who have never used label design software before, to create high quality labels in minutes. Setting up and using dynamic data such as variables and databases has never been easier.

New in NiceLabel 2019, user licensing has been drastically simplified. The multi-user edition can be used on an unlimited number of workstations. The only limitation is the amount of printers, not the number of users. Click here to learn more…

PowerForms 2019: Empower your Labelling

PowerForms 2019 takes the label design functionality of designer pro and adds in form creation technology allowing you to build custom solutions in a moment’s notice using the user-friendly ribbon interface. The new NiceLabel PowerForms adds that extra layer of power, allowing you to build custom forms without any knowledge of scripting languages such as VB or Python. PowerForms gives you the flexibility to create custom forms, without all the coding required, enhancing organisational productivity as well as saving you money on hiring a third party developer.

Next Generation Productivity

  • Familiarity and ease-of-use - The ribbon-based user interface is built on the same principles and user experience as Microsoft Word.
  • Unmatched reliability - We built the new platform with a test driven development approach: we use .NET technology, agile development principles and computer controlled software testing. We run tens of thousands of automatic tests day and night. 
  • Future-proof - The future-proof platform leverages the latest technology advancements including 64-bit memory, multi-core processors, tablets, touch-screens, HTML5, Web, Cloud and Mobile.


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