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Motorola Symbol DS3508 2D Barcode Scanner

Part No
Motorola Symbol DS3508, 1D/2D Imager, High Density Focus, Image Capture, Multi-Interface, Yellow/Twilight Black, Requires Cable
Motorola Symbol DS3508 2D Barcode Scanner

Lead Time: Discontinued

Part No: DS3508-HD20005R

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Keyboard Wedge Cable: PS/2, Power Port, 7ft. Straight. Cable Code K01 (CBA-K01-S07PAR)

Lead Time: Next Day

Part No: CBA-K01-S07PAR

£13.19 £15.83
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RS232 Cable:STD-DB9 Female, TxD on 2, 7ft. Straight. Cable Code R01 (CBA-R01-S07PAR)

Lead Time: Next Day

Part No: CBA-R01-S07PAR

£16.12 £19.34
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Symbol USB Cable, 7ft. Straight (CBA-U01-S07ZAR)

Lead Time: Next Day

Part No: CBA-U01-S07ZAR

£19.36 £23.23
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Symbol LS3578 - Standard Single Slot Cradle, Charging Only, Multi-Interface

Lead Time: Next Day

Part No: STB3508-C0007R

£102.38 £122.86
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The Motorola Symbol DS3508 2D Barcode Scanner is a high performance rugged imager that can capture barcodes and images with extraordinary speed. The DS3508 series of 2D scanners are suitable for industrial environments, designed to perform reliably under the harshest operating conditions the DS3508 can survive drops of 2m onto concrete and has an IP65-rated seal making it resistant to dust and water, the Motorola Symbol DS3508 is a device to depend on.

Key Benefits:

  • Rugged design ensures performance and reliability in harsh industrial environments.
  • Omni-directional scanning lets workers rapidly capture bar codes at any angle, removing the need to line up bar codes with laser lines.
  • Exceptional motion tolerance enables fast scanning speed for all bar codes, increasing throughput and productivity.
  • Bright LED, beeper with adjustable volume ensures proper completion of scans even in noisy and poorly lit environments.
  • Unique aiming pattern, bright central laser dot ensures quick, accurate scanning, even in bright sunlight.

The Motorola Symbol DS3508 series is available in the following models:
DS3508-SR: Combination 1D and 2D bar code scanning and image capture.
DS3508-HD: Optimized for comprehensive 2D bar code capture for the very tiny and dense 2D bar codes frequently found in warehousing.

Warranty Information
The Motorola Symbol DS3508 has a 3 year return to base warranty, standard repairs fixed within 10 – 21 days.

Buy online from the following options or call the sales team on 01536 414222 for further help and advice with your scanning needs.

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