Mommy Knows Best, which was founded in 2015, is an online business that makes and sells a variety of personalised gifts. The company’s portfolio includes stickers and labels, tote bags, cushions and notebooks, as well as a variety of cards and gifts. Mommy Knows Best predominantly sells its products online, either via its website, Amazon, Etsy or eBay, as well as through its social media channels. The company also regularly attends craft fairs where it is able to reach and engage with new customers.


After seeing a demonstration of a colour label printer at an exhibition, Mommy Knows Best decided to purchase it to enable the company to expand and customise its label offering with the addition of specialised labels, including waterproof shoe stickers. The company’s reputation soon began to grow, as did the number of orders it was receiving, and Mommy Knows Best consequently made the decision to upgrade to a model that could offer its customers labels of increased quality, vibrancy and durability.

Lisa Heaton, Founder and Owner of Mommy Knows Best, explains: “I researched suppliers online and quickly came across AM Labels, whose prices were really competitive too. In addition, the level of customer service they offered was excellent, and this was of prime importance to me. All of my questions were answered in great detail, and I was also invited to attend a demonstration of the Epson C6500 at AM Labels’ offices in Northamptonshire”.


When we invited Lisa from Mommy Knows Best to attend a one-to-one in-house demonstration, we provided examples of the enhanced print quality of the Epson C6500 colour label printer, to compare against the existing model Lisa was using at the time. Mommy Knows Best was immediately impressed by the quality and vibrancy of the samples we produced with the C6500, in addition to the fact that this model benefits from fast print speeds, which would reduce turnaround times for the company’s customers.

After attending the demonstration and trialling the C6500 colour label printer, Mommy Knows Best made the decision to invest and upgrade its labelling system by purchasing this model from us.

Lisa adds: “Prior to investing in the Epson C6500 colour label printer from AM Labels, I was looking to upgrade my existing system so that I could offer my customers labels with increased levels of quality. After seeing the C6500 in action, as well as being shown the high-quality labels it can create and how easy it is to use, I decided almost immediately that investing in this printer would be beneficial for my business.”

Outcome and benefits

Since installing the Epson C6500, Mommy Knows Best uses the printer to create a wide range of personalised labels and stickers for its customers, either with text or logos. Furthermore, the C6500 is also used to produce personalised labels for hand sanitiser containers and wine bottles.

In addition to creating high quality labels, the Epson C6500 also offers fast print speeds of up to 85 mm per second, meaning Mommy Knows Best can produce more labels in less time. Furthermore, thanks to digital technology, the C6500 minimises printing errors, which is key for ensuring the company’s customers are satisfied with the finished result of their labels.

Lisa explains: “As well as being incredibly easy to use, the Epson C6500 has also provided us with a way to produce water and chemical resistant labels cost effectively. Some of our competitors offer water and chemical resistant labels, however these only tend to be provided in the form of vinyl stickers, meaning they are not recyclable. Investing in this model enabled us to expand the portfolio of Mommy Knows Best, making us stand out from our competitors, while allowing us to offer our customers more unique products.”

Following the purchase of the C6500 printer, Mommy Knows Best was able to increase its portfolio and develop its operations, and the company has experienced particular success across its range of personalised labels. In 2021, the company won the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Award.

We provided installation, comprehensive training and an extensive aftercare package to Mommy Knows Best for its Epson C6500 colour label printer. We were also able to use our expertise as a leading label manufacturer, as well as our vast knowledge on hardware and software, to provide technical support and help the company to specify the correct materials.

Lisa adds: “Our experience with AM Labels has been incredibly positive and the sales team is a credit to the company, continually going out of their way to help me and answer any queries. I have already recommended AM Labels to several other small businesses and will definitely continue to do so. I’m incredibly proud of the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Award Mommy Knows Best won in 2021, and I believe the C6500, combined with the support we received from AM Labels, was a key factor in us winning this award.”

Investing in the Epson ColorWorks C6500 colour label printer has enabled Mommy Knows Best to upgrade and transform its personalised label operation with significantly increased levels of quality and flexibility, while also leading to the expansion of the business.

What can AM Labels do for you?

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